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Is Sustainable the New Black?

<br>Is Sustainable the New Black?

Sustainability certainly has come into fashion.  In fact, it's all the rage.  But what does it mean when a clothing brand claims to be sustainable?  Is it one size fits all or does it mean different things to different people?  

More Than a Buzz Word
According to Merriam-Webster, sustainability is about using resources without causing damage or depletion.  That’s a straightforward definition, but a complicated concept  that permeates every facet of a clothing business.  It’s in the fabrics and the trims, the hardware and the threads.  It’s the people who draw the patterns, cut the fabrics and sew the pieces together.  It begins before the first sketch and really doesn’t end, because the clothes you make today must avoid the landfill by lasting a long time in someone’s closet.  And you don’t want to carry loads of inventory either - stop over-production and avoid the landfill.

To say that the fashion industry has adhered to these principles would be an overstatement of gargantuan proportions.  I've spoken about the subject in more detail in a previous blog post.  Click here if you'd like to go there.

Sustainably Activ
At Activ Intimates, we’ve begun the journey to become a sustainable brand.  We’re serious about doing no harm in the process of making our lingerie.  We’ve rewired around the concept of a low-minimum manufacturing/low inventory business model and we’re committed to building a sustainable business making sustainable lingerie.


I wish I could say that we’re there – that we'd reached sustainability critical mass.  I also wish I could claim a measure of expertise in this area.  But neither is true.  I’m learning, our business is learning and we’re learning as an industry how to do it right. 

Having said that, here’s some of what we’re doing right at Activ Intimates.

Introducing The Convertible Wrap Collection by Activ Intimates
We’ve created something beautiful from minimal waste patterns, leftover fabrics and a design that puts women in control of how they look and feel.  This capsule collection is all about manufacturing in small batches and bringing a product to the market that we believe women will keep in their closets for years to come. 


We love that our convertible wraps collection features the fabrics that also line our lingerie and that we designed something beautiful and sustainable.  It is our most sustainable line to date and our strongest statement about being a fashion brand determined to do no harm.  So for us, sustainability is much more than the latest fashion trend or marketing tool and it goes well beyond the title of the new black.  We think of it more like the fabric that holds the entire system together.  Eco-friendly, sustainable fabric, of course.

You can see all our fabrics, convertible looks and how to style them on our website.  

We would love to hear your opinion on this subject.  Please leave a comment or think about joining us on our private FaceBook group - Actively Intimate and leave a comment there.


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