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COVID-19 Prevention


Our highest priority is to deliver beautifully made, thoughtfully packaged apparel to our customers.  All orders are processed in our Scottsdale studio where we carefully package each order in preparation for shipping.  During this uncertain time as the world is taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please know that we take our responsibility to deliver safe products very seriously.  While our packaging process has always been set to high quality standards, we have implemented a policy for our team members to adhere to additional, more rigorous hand washing protocols and to wear layered cotton masks when preparing orders for shipment.  In addition, our order processing area is thoroughly sanitized each day before order processing begins.  We manufacture in the USA and our inventory is stored onsite where we have complete control of quality standards.

For updated COVID-19 prevention information, visit the CDC website at 

Please email us at with any questions.