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The Invention of the Playlette

The Invention of the Playlette

“We couldn’t find one, so we made one.”

Teddy has left the building.  Enter Playlette!

Once upon a time, Laurie McMordie, co-founder of Activ Intimates, was in search of a special piece of lingerie. She knew how she wanted to feel when she wore it:  sexy, confident, comfortable.  She shopped high and low – and disappointingly came up empty-handed. Had no one developed such a garment?

When Laurie couldn’t find the piece she was looking for, she decided to design it herself. She joined forces with her sister, CJ, and together they embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead to their signature lingerie, the Playlette.

The Playlette was designed to free women of any inhibition in the bedroom.  It’s as sexy as it is comfortable, and the innovative open design means you can wear it before, during, and after intimate moments.  Score! 

You might be familiar with the Teddy, lingerie that combines a camisole and a pair of panties in a one-piece design.  The Playlette kicks it up a notch!  It’s one piece like a Teddy, but with a more figure-flattering fit.  And Activ Intimates has done crotchless in a new way with discreet and comfy garters that keep everything in place.

Thankfully, Laurie’s & CJ’s decision to design the Playlette makes it possible for other women to forego fruitless searching for that perfect piece of lingerie. Today, Activ Intimates’ signature Playlette is available here for you (ahem, and your partner) to enjoy!


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