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Our Holiday Bedroom Favorites

<br>Our Holiday Bedroom Favorites

Get a little naughty this season with some of our best sellers...

The holidays make every room in the house a little bit cozier--the bedroom included. To help you get in the holiday spirit, we’ve curated some of our holiday bedroom favorites, from luxurious loungewear to lacy nighttime numbers. Get a little naughty this season with some of our best sellers:

Peignoir Wrap

Our Peignoir Wrap is a great holiday gift for a friend...or for yourself! Wear it in the bedroom this season, and by the pool come spring.

Bra & Garter Straps

The perfect flirty accessories for our Peignoir Wrap! Bra straps make our wraps even more versatile, and garter straps? Every woman needs them.

Lacy & Sheer Playlettes

Our signature lingerie style is a wardrobe staple. Choose your player--Lacy or Sheer--and wow your partner this season.

Mini Playlette

Show a bit more skin in our Mini Playlette!

Lace Poncho

Our ponchos are excellent for layering, especially if you’re looking for that “take it off” effect.

Free Spirit Bralette & High-Waist Boy Shorts

Together, our Free Spirit Bralette and High-Waist Boy Shorts make warm nights by the fire even cozier!

Modal Poncho

Pair your modal set with a matching luxurious poncho. Wear it as a robe behind closed doors, or even as a cardigan while you’re out on the town.

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