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Happy Orgasm Day!

Happy Orgasm Day!

I’ve been researching orgasms in anticipation of National Orgasm Day.  At this point I can tell you about multiple orgasms, the history of orgasms, orgasm disorders, the orgasm gap, benefits of orgasms, types of orgasms – I could go on.  And I am happy to report that the sometimes elusive, always welcome, occasionally feigned orgasm is a fascinating subject, to say the least. 

Here’s an example.  The history of orgasms of the female persuasion is much different than it is for our male counterparts.  In fact, if you’re 50 or older, you were born into a world where many doctors believed that females did not have orgasms. 

Take a deep breath and I’ll repeat.  Within many of our lifetimes, physicians believed that females did not have orgasms.  In other words, we were there to make sure that the male of the species got off.

Thank goodness for the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s which set the stage for the Baby Boomers (those of us born between 1946 and 1964) to be the most sexually liberated generation of older adults – ever.  We’re the ones who experienced sex outside of the dark ages, in a world where women do have orgasms, thank you.

Today, we’re celebrating National Orgasm Day – I think we all know what that means, wink wink.  But while I still have your ear, I’ll pass on some great news about orgasms.  Arielle Tschinkel spoke to Dr. Felice Gersch, M.D. (an OB/GYN) for INSIDER online about some surprising benefits of the fabulous O.  They’re presented below along with my comments. 

You’ll feel closer not only to your partner, but with others in your social orbit as well. That’s because of the oxytocin that’s released during orgasm.  It’s a natural relaxant that encourages feelings of love and bonding after sex.

Orgasms can help lower the risk of prostate cancer in older men. Actually, a significant study published in the British Journal of Urology International determined that men over 50 who ejaculate at least four times per week can lower their risk by 30%.  Hmmm.  How will we ever convince our male partners to ejaculate more frequently?  

Orgasms can help during the cold & flu season. Does it arouse you a little to think that you could avoid colds and flu by having orgasmic sex?  Me too.

They can raise your pain threshold and help to alleviate pain. There’s all kinds of science-y data to suggest that sex in general and orgasm in particular can change the pain game.  For sure we had it backwards when we were avoiding sex because of headaches! 

Your stress levels will be reduced. And your chances of hypertension and rapid heart rate can also be reduced with quality and frequent sex – especially as you age.  Yet another argument for quality and frequency, ladies.

That post-coital glow is real. First of all, anything that can help reduce stress and improve sleep is going to support your overall health which in turn will improve how you look & feel.  But there’s more according to Dr. Gersch, “when you climax, blood vessels throughout the body open up, helping to stimulate collagen production and give you that flushed look.”  Wait, did she say orgasm stimulates collagen production?  I'll have what she's having.

Orgasms can help boost your self esteem. Right?  Are you with me that this one needs no further comment?

They can even help you live longer. Okay, so maybe I saved the best for last.  But here’s the scoop – a gargantuan study (8 decades worth!) found a link between orgasms, health and longevity in women who orgasm frequently.  Yes, you heard correctly – there’s a link between orgasms, health and longevity in women who orgasm frequently.

So women who experience frequent orgasms live longer, feel better, look better – reduce stress and pain – and have elevated self esteem.  Now that’s a legitimate cause for celebration!  

Happy National Orgasm Day 2019!!

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