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Great Intimacy T'ai Chi

Great Intimacy T'ai Chi

Welcome to the final blog in our three-part T'ai Chi series.  We've loved sharing these engaging and informative blogs written by Carol Feezell, creator/owner of Great Energy™ T’ai Chi.  Carol has taken us on her journey of discovering t'ai chi and creating her own style and t'ai chi brand.  In this final blog (our favorite part) we learn how Carol got her groove back via her daily Great Energy T'ai Chi routine.  And we're including the link to Carol's Great Intimacy™ video so you can learn and practice this amazing libido enhancing routine . . . read on!

Part 3:  Great Intimacy T’ai Chi, by Carol Feezell

Aging Sexy.  So, think back to when you really felt young and beautify and…sexy.  Think back to when you really wanted to have sex and were having good sex!  Yes, I’m addressing a taboo subject for women . . . SEX!  We just don’t talk about it enough.  But, guess what?  It’s part of life.  In fact, it is life!  Without sex we can’t create life.  But, honestly, sex is more than life.  It is a basic instinct, a primal need and without it humans (yes… both men and women) stop living fully.  So let’s just face it…we need to have sex and not just when we’re young but as we age.  In fact, if we continue to have good sex as we age, we will keep ourselves feeling younger and more alive. 

Sexual Desire.  How are we supposed to have great sex when we are so over-scheduled and stressed by our own busy life, our partner’s busy life, our kid’s busy lives?  Everyone depends on us as women, wives, moms – for so much.  The very last thing we want to make time for is sex because we’re not feeling sexy, not in the mood.  But wouldn’t it be great to feel sexy again?  Wouldn’t it be great to want to have sex?  That sexual desire is somewhere inside you . . . just pushed to the bottom of your priority list.  You’ve temporarily lost your libido – but you can absolutely get it back.  And one way is by creating sexual energy through T’ai Chi.  My Great Energy T’ai Chi practice has helped me feel young again and it has most definitely boosted my libido! 
Great Energy T’ai Chi Creates Great Intimacy.  Five to ten minutes each day of an intentional and focused Great Energy practice will increase your energy flow.  Our energy center (Dan Tien) is in the lower region of our abdomen.  If you place your hands, one of top of the other, over the place right between your belly button and pelvic bone and you simply breathe you have found your energy center!  And a Great Energy practice helps to get the stuck energy free flowing again.  That same energy that we were born with and that was free flowing at birth, slows or stops due to stress, illness, injury . . . life.  With a daily Great Energy practice, energy slowly starts to flow freely and we can feel like our young selves again!  I know it works because it’s worked on me.  I am 53 and have the best sex with my husband of 28+ years, even better sex than we had in our 20’s!

Feeling Sexy Again.  So, your sexual desire is back -- this undeniable energy and sexual tension that conveys what’s inside you to your outward self.  And now that beautiful lingerie you bought for yourself thinking it might help you feel and look a bit sexier actually does!  You see yourself in the mirror and thanks to that great feeling inside, you see “sexy” in your reflection. You like what you see and you know your partner will too.  It’s all a good partner really wants anyway . . . he/she wants you to feel the sexual energy that is going to lead to amazing sex.  So put on that lacy little something or cheeky boy shorts and allow yourself to glow in sexual confidence. 

Get Your Groove On!  Follow this link to my Great Energy to Great Intimacy 10-minute Practice. I encourage you to commit yourself to a daily practice and see if after a few weeks, you notice a change.  And who knows?  You might even feel great energy after your very first 10-minute Great Energy to Great Intimacy session!

We don’t stop having sex because we grow old…we grow old because we stop having sex.
Carol’s love of exercise began with running.  Earning a degree in Kinesiology while competing for the University of Colorado Track and Cross Country teams, Carol’s passion led her to eventually become the Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country coach at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA.  From the years of competing and coaching, Carol learned that the key to a successful race was being mindful and relaxed.   Knowing this, Carol became interested in mind-body exercise and learned first yoga, then t'ai chi and finally, Pilates.  All three disciplines are different, yet all help to achieve a beautiful mind-body connection.  Having practiced and taught yoga for over 25 years,t’ai chi for 20 years and Pilates for the last 10 years, Carol continues to enhance not only running, but all aspects of life with these three forms of mindful exercises. 
Carol created Great Energy™ T’ai Chi after studying/learning the classic Yang Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan-an, an ancient Chinese form of exercise.  Careful attention to deep breathing, a slow warm-up of both joints and muscles and an emphasis on posture are the foundations of Great Energy™ T’ai Chi.   Following a slow warm-up, students learn the slow, moving meditation (“form”) that is at the core of classic t’ai chi.  Benefits include improved balance and strength, increased energy (energy flow to all regions of the body!) and lowered stress levels.  Learn more about Carol on her website, Great Energy  Follow Carol on LinkedIn

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