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Happy 2021!!

<br><br>Happy 2021!!

Honestly, I thought 2020 was going to be amazing.  For one thing, it’s the same number repeated twice.  And it has it’s own television show.  And it’s the first year of a brand new decade.  2020!  It was going to be great! 

Until it wasn’t. 

So, I’m thinking my resolutions will look different this year.  For example, I should have one about washing my face mask after each and every use.  That should make the top 10 for sure.  Also, I should be resolute about using the correct e-mail template when I’m turning down dinner invitations from my anti-masker friends.  Oh – and I am going to add renewing all my subscriptions on time:  Zoom, Hulu, Netflix …

No matter where we live or who we are, we’ve all been through a tough year in one way or another.  We’re all living through unprecedented times and we’ve all been affected. 

AND we all get the same chance to start anew.  This is 2021!!

At Activ Intimates, we are all about love in the New Year -- romantic love and self love.  So we thought we would share some fun ideas for celebrating the eve of the holiday at home with your special someone – or on your own.  Our inspiration came from delish.

Dress Up!
Why not?  Let’s say hello to 2021 in style!

Make a festive cocktail
Well, of course.

Host a video call with loved ones
Or a loved one.  Singular.  Your choice.

Watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve
Just like in the old days.

Create some appetizer magic
Whether you’re cooking with your partner or you FaceTime a friend while you’re stuffing mushrooms, if New Year’s isn't the right time for appetizers, when is?

Plan a virtual toast with friends
I’m so happy that I renewed my Zoom!

Watch movies all night long
When Harry Met Sally
Bridget Jones’s Diary
Waiting to Exhale
While You Were Sleeping
Trading Places
Fill In The Blank

Have a dance party
I’m of the opinion that everyday should be a dance party. 
Whether you’re alone or half of a couple – dance like no one is watching.

Make a charcuterie board
Or any kind of board that strikes your fancy and fits your current eating plan!

Pop confetti at midnight
Because the beginning of a brand new year calls for confetti.

Make a decadent dessert
This item actually makes all my lists.


Happy 2021!!!


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