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Celebrating YOU

<br><br><br>Celebrating YOU

“Own Who You Are and Celebrate It”
– Ru Paul

There’s been a whole lot of celebrating going on – pretty much nonstop from Halloween through the stroke of midnight on December 31st.  But with all that merriment how much time did you devote to celebrating you? 

Of course, loving yourself is prerequisite to celebrating you.  And that’s not a bad place to start since self-love is the bedrock that underlies our happiness and sense of wellbeing.  It’s also one of our guiding principles at Activ Intimates, so what better way to begin 2022 than with a list of action items aimed at loving that gorgeous lady looking back at you in the mirror.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. We all do this – maybe it’s human nature - but we all need to stop.  No one else can do you like you do, so focus on being the best you can be, not changing yourself to be like someone else.

  • Put the negative opinions of others in their proper place. Actually, they don’t have a place, so ignore them.

  • Separate yourself from negative people who drag you down.

  • Speak in glowing terms when it comes to you and vow to stop ALL negative self-talk.

  • Put yourself first. This is a tough concept for some of us, but taking our own needs seriously and giving them priority status is an important component of self-love.

  • Forgive yourself. Yes, we’re going to mess up and make mistakes.  Acknowledge it.  Learn from it.  Move on from it. 

  • Remove your physical attributes from the equation when it comes to loving yourself. Or does it make more sense to love yourself less, because you don’t measure up to beauty standards that are close to impossible to achieve and really have nothing to do with you?

  • Get moving. Even movement as simple as walking can elevate your mood and chase the blues away. It’s a natural feel good and the perfect backdrop to loving yourself.

  • Be nice to yourself at all times – as though you were your own best friend.

  • Don’t go it alone. Spending time with others can help remind us that we’re loveable. Just remember to be selective and choose people who make you feel good.
  • Seek help.  Therapists are good for more than serious mental illness.  Sometimes it can be helpful to have the ear of a professional who can help guide us to a better place - not because we're sick, but because we need help with a specific challenge.  In this case, the challenge is loving ourselves.

If you’re inclined to make a list of resolutions for the new year, I hope you’ll put loving yourself at the top.  If you’re not into lists, I hope you’ll make loving yourself a priority.  Like I said, it’s prerequisite to celebrating you. 

So let’s celebrate!
When it comes to revelry, the possibilities are endless.  You’re celebrating you, so it’s all about your wishes, likes, and dislikes.  Maybe taking a long, hot, luxurious bath makes you feel like a queen.  Maybe it’s dancing to your favorite tunes or going to a movie or dinner with a friend.  The point is that you get to choose how to celebrate you.  So determine to do it and then do it often. 

Here are some more ideas for when it’s time to celebrate YOU.

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