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Bra & Garter Straps

$ 18.00
Light Rose Pink
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These must-have Bra & Garter Straps are made for style and function.  They’re fully detachable and adjustable.  Available in a variety of sizes and colors finished with beautiful gold hardware.  Satin straps are made from comfortable plush-back elastic and attach with gold garter clips.  Buy one pair or collect them all - you’ll definitely want your straps to show!  

Bra & Garter Straps are the perfect accessory for your Peignoir Wrap.  Watch the Negligees Styling Video to create the featured looks.

  • Detachable and adjustable straps made from plush-back elastic
  • Attach to the Peignoir Wrap to create Negligee looks featured in the product photos and video.
  • 3/8” width (10 mm)
  • Bra Straps come in 2 sizes:
    • Size 2 (8 1/2" to 16" Long Fully Extended)
    • Size 3 (10 1/2” to 20" Long Fully Extended)
  • Garter Strap comes in 1 size:
    • Size 1 (3 3/4" to 6” Long Fully Extended)
  • Gold hardware includes sliders and garter clips
  • Elastic – 70% Nylon 6, 30% Nylon-covered Elastane
  • Hand wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry. Do not Iron. Do not dry clean.  
  • Bra Straps constructed in the USA
  • Elastic made in Italy