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What's Normal When It Comes To Sex?

What's Normal When It Comes To Sex?
“As a certified, professional sex coach, I am frequently asked what is ‘normal sex.’  Here is the truth— our sexuality is as unique as our own fingerprints.” Continue reading

Love At First Taste

<br><br>Love At First Taste

Hummus had me at yummy, but it definitely doesn’t hurt that its main ingredient is a nutritional superhero.


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Master of Sex:
Virginia E. Johnson

<br>Master of Sex:  <br>Virginia E. Johnson

Virginia E. Johnson witnessed 10,000 orgasms over a ten-year period as a result of her research with William H. Masters.  They did groundbreaking work in the field of sexology from the late 50s into the 1990s.  By the end of her career, she was nationally recognized as one of the most daring researchers of the postwar era.

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